Sunday, July 2, 2017

June is Over? Julying.

It has been one hella great ride of the first half of 2017. Oh, where do I start? So, I started this new hobby, bujo-ing, in short of bullet journaling. It is sort of like a planner, journal, to-do-list, all in one book and you get to design it any way you like. You can also add habit tracker, health tracker and anything like anything you want, yeah obviously because it's yours. One of the reasons why I started bullet journaling is because I don't like the ready-made planner lolz. It's not that I haven't had one, I did have one and planners are surely helpful for a busy (lol) person like me. Disclaimer: I am not really that busy person but I tend to forget things so planner/to-do list does come in handy. A big but here is, the layouts of readymade planners are kind of dull and I don't know I feel restricted with boxes and lines! So I figured out that some other people have been doing bullet journaling since forever and that is one brilliant idea! Plus I get to doodle and draw stuff as well hiks. So I bought my first blank notebook from Amazon that cost around 17 bucks (damn expensive I know but no regrets) and I spent like super crazy for stationaries. I got so excited to do calligraphy (sort of haha) and doodle, so I watched so many videos about bujo on Youtube and browsed Tumblr for starting. I fell in love with the cute stationaries (especially the ones from Japan!) and this is the problem with me. I am a person who is so easily fascinated (or more to hypnotized) by cute things and that made me spent a whole lot of money on pens and colored pencils. I have this kind of faith that buying them is an investment, too! Ha ha. I even bought watercolor and paint for no reasons! I don't even know why? I already had a lot of watercolors but yeah I just love stationaries! and I admit that I had to control my out-of-hand spending habits on stationaries. *trying hard* *pray for me* Ok so that's that and bullet journaling is seriously fun ya know. I feel more productive, creative and, more importantly, more organized. (and that is one of my 2017 resolutions)

My favorite pens

Two: I also started to live the healthy lifestyle. Ok big laugh. I will regret writing this later at some point of my life but whatevs. I started to go to the gym more frequent ha ha ha hahasdfghjkl and I walked to and from campus almost every day yup walking is good and I also start to eat 'healthy' ok not really healthy but healthier than before. I tried quinoa and eat more veggies than I did and yup it feels good. It feels good to sweat, too. That's why I go to the gym. but now that I am back home, it's already more than a month since the last time I worked out. I feel so unproductive, I need to find my way back to exercising and eat healthily. Ya Allah, forgive me for the ketupat rendang lemang satay lontong and every other food that are hard to resist! 

Another highlight of the first half of 2017 is *drum rolls* 
(You might want to skip this paragraph if you find kpop related stuff annoys you)
Three: I went to BTS Wings Tour in Chicago! This is actually my second kpop concert and I don't really go to concerts hu hu (no money and weak at memorizing lyrics so it's hard to sing-along are some of the reasons) I was actually planning to go to Got7's instead because BTS originally did not include Chicago in their US tour but they added it last minute so I had to choose between the two (not a rich kid). I am so glad that I bought a P1 ticket so I got to sit quite close to the stage and I could see my Suga oppa like not that close but close enough for me to maintain my sanity. (Didn't I warn you if you get annoyed with kpop stuff you better skip to next point?). Two hours of seeing them singing and dancing live were definitely not enough, I repeat, not enough. But yeah they are human, who gets tired too so... anyway, I think Suga noticed me cuz I was like waving and throwing hearts soooo hard hahaha (ok every fangirl has this kind of delusions like this so ok bye) oh we were not allowed to bring in cameras and videotaped the concert, so being a respectful fan I obeyed (some of) the rule and didn't bring my camera with me so my photos are not high res and videos? yeah full of screaming.

I don't even know how to feel at that moment and I cried hahha

Lookat dat boi in pink hahahasdfghjkl 
(photo credit goes to Syahirah my photos are crappy)

Four: I took TOPIK test, short for test of proficiency in korean, level two and thankfully Ya Allah I got level four out of six haha. I am shocked myself! I did not even trust myself to score at most level 3 but my seonsaengnim kept saying 'Syazana I think you can get at least level 4' but I was like 'Sorry cikgu I don't think so, my korean vocab has a long way to go..' but yeah maybe berkat doa seorang guru kot I managed to get level 4. If you have no idea of what I'm talking about and are interested to know, here is the explanation. So topik test is one of the important tests you don't want to miss if you are going to apply to university in South Korea. (In my case, I took it because i don't have anything to do in my final semester so just for fun and at the same time I can evaluate(?) my korean language skills as well). The test, in general, has six levels and six is the highest. It has two categories, Topik 1 and Topik 2. If you register for topik 1 you had to score at least level 1 for a pass and if you register for topik 2, the minimum level to pass is level 3. Haha if you find my explanation is not making sense, you can google for a better explanation. What surprised me the most was my writing score. I was not prepared at all, literally, no preparation for writing section and my seonsaengnim told us we can just ignore the writing section since it's still hard for our level to write a prompt essay but I just gave it a try on the exam since I got plenty of time. I just wrote whatever came in my mind and I was not really sure if I understood the essay question well. And guess what? I scored above average (among other topik takers around the world) in writing! Whoops so happy *play Seventeen's Aju Nice*

I love spring 

Five: Of course, my graduation day (link)! Finally, all the hard work paid off and I am now still in the mode of job hunting. I got calls for a few numbers of interviews and I got shortlisted for some. And tomorrow I'm going to Kuala Lumpur for a medical checkup requirement. If everything goes well, insyaAllah I can start working asap!

Six: My favorite camera had to go for a hiatus *sigh* The lens is broken, so does my heart! I was so dumb to let my camera slipped off my hand and fell into the sand. Biggest mistake made. Now I can't shut the lens off *sad to the infinity and beyond* I asked around for a repair but all said it will take some time and of course, money. Maybe I'll send it to camera center (or whatever it is called) next week.

The very last photo I tried to take before my camera went completely off, you can see from the picture that I had shaky hands, feeling sad and broken

That is pretty much the highlights of what happened from January until June. I hope this second half of 2017 will bring me good things and a lot of other adventures to help me to be a better me *lol* (do people still say lol nowadays?)

Happy July.

Until next time,