Friday, June 30, 2017

Yup, I've Graduated

Happy Eid, everyone! How was your eid this year? Mine was simple but meaningful. It was also a sad morning of first eid since this year is the first year I celebrated eid without tokwan. He left us last October and I still could not believe that time has flown so fast. (al-Fatihah). I am also now home for almost a month hu hu and I quite miss the US already. Yep, I graduated from college last May and I don't know, it still feels surreal. Three and half years really feel short and I am already at another stage of life. Hello, adulthood. Please be nice to me.

The photos above were taken weeks before my graduation commencement and trust me there is no single okay-photo on my grad commencement day because ya Allah we've been to the hall (it's not exactly a hall but you get what I mean) from like 9 in the morning until 5 pm for three ceremonies! Belemoih baq hang. Attended Ain, Farhana and Moon's comm. in the morning, went to lunch, and then mine, Anis, and Wardah's started at 1 pm. Stayed until five for Nadzreen's. And the next morning was Laila's. What a weekend! Anyhow, everything went well. It's quite sad because my family could not be there but thanks to my Malaysian family here in Iowa I didn't bad at all. Mana taknya they screamed like super loud every time we, Malaysian graduates, walked in the stage. Thanks guys, yall da best! And...below are the photos on the day itself.. 

I got interviewed (so out of the blue)

Me and my graduating girls, missing Laila :(

With the super supportive mssui xoxox

And here is what I wrote someday when I was still a student, feeling so emotional about leaving (you may skip it's quite embarassing lolz) :

Today is my last day going to classes as an undergrad student. I haven't realized how fast time could fly and how short time is before I leave America for good until today. I am going to miss every single thing I experienced here. I am going to miss all the people I've met. I am going to miss all the lectures I had. I am going to miss all the local restaurants in Downtown Iowa City; Which Wich, Z'Mariks, High Ground. I am going to miss the nights I stayed up for exams and homework (but I didn't stay up that much tho lulz). I am going to miss S Lincoln St. Starbucks, where I went for half-priced coffees during exam weeks. I am going to miss the library, memorial union (IMU), PBB, Pomerantz Center, Philips hall, Van Allen (most of my Korean classes were in Van Allen), UCC Mall, Seoul Grill, Sushi Kitchin, Bubble Pop, and even CVS & Walmart. I am going to miss Iowa City's very unpredictable weather, super cold winters, rainy springs, windy falls. I am going to miss running next-door to Apt. 2 to ask for eggs, bread, chili sauce, ketchup, shawls, tshirts, shoes, etc. I am going to miss catching Free Shuttle at Van Buren stop 7101. I am going to miss the days I requested for Nite Ride and had to wait for almost an hour just to reach home. I am going to miss the days when I have to pray in either between bookshelves, stairs or IMU 2nd floor. (so glad they have praying room now!)
It is really sad to think that I might forget how all of those memories, I might forget my lecturers' names and how they look like, I might forget how thrilling it is to be a student here at Iowa, I might forget how yummy a Krab sandwich at Which Wich tasted like, I might forget how I upset I was when the Starbuck baristas didn't call my name, I might forget how happy I was whenever I was in Korean classes, I might forget how nervous I was when I had to MC events and did presentation in classes. I might forget how stressful I was every time I had to write research papers. I might forget how relieved I was when I got good feedbacks on my papers (trust me all Malaysian students tend to do a great job in writing papers i don't even know why). I might forget how fun it was to talk (or more to gossip/karaoke time) with my housemates until late in the morning. I might forget all of those things and yeah it is surely sad. *cry a river*

My everyday route *sad and cries*

Iowa City, I am going to miss you so very much. You got a very special place in my heart that no other places could ever replace. 

Until we meet again, Iowa. (play Downpour by IOI but male version)

Also, I would like to thanks my parents for supporting me and having faith with me, my family members, my annoying brothers, and sisters, my arwah tokwan, tok, ayoh, mek, my friends who made my days brighter, my housemates who bear with my laziness and annoyingness, my classmates who helped me borrowed their notes and pdfs, my teachers from primary school to high school who taught me from ABC, alif-ba-ta, one-plus-one-is-two, and along the way until I made it to the university. And of course, my lecturers in intec and uiowa who helped me throughout college and all. Seriously sincerely thank you guys thank you thank you thank you.

and last but not least, thanks Starbucks for all those coffees tho

Till next time,

p/s: I might write a post about my short grad-trip to the east coast but yeah... finger crossed
pp/s: I forgot to mention the credit for #2 #3 and the last photos goes to Justina
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  1. congrats! I still have a semester and half left before my graduation day. Lucky you!

    And selamat hari raya!

  2. congrats!!! can't wait for my graduation day (but i have to wait another 4 years T^T)

    selamat hari raya.

    1. thank you, and all the best with your studies! :D

  3. CONGRATULATIONS pretty!!! goodluck in future

  4. hi. omg bestnyaaa! :) congratulations ya! :))

  5. siap dpt diinterview. Happy for u


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