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So, What Happened In Korea?

Seorak-san, 2016

My final semester of undergrad is nearly reaching to its end in few months. Ah-ha in about two months to be exact. I don't know what should I feel about this. Well, of course, I can't wait to return home for good but at the same time, I feel so sad to leave the States; Iowa City in particular. Iowa City will forever have a special place in my heart and I will never forget how much I've learned here. I am so thankful for having this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn so much about other people from different cultures. I also admit that my perspective towards Americans also changed after living here for about three years and a half.  Okay, now it sounds like I'm really leaving soon. 

No no no. That is not my purpose for today's post. I will save my 'Goodbye Letter to Iowa' in different post cuz today I feel like writing about the second part of my trip to Korea (in continuation of my previous post : 'Korea, What?' . I will just point out few places that left me quite an impact (hahaha dasar pemalas).

First is Gangwon-do. I'd say if you want to escape from the fast-paced Seoul lifestyle while in Korea, you should include Gangwon-do as a place to visit. The first place in Gangwon-do I went to was Ojukheon. Here I had the chance to experience the traditional Korean culture, especially Hanok, and two Korean historical figures, a Korean scholar Yi I and his mother Shin Saimdang. Both of them are in Korean 5,000 Won and 50,000 Won notes. Took a few pictures and bought a historical manhwa that I never happen to read up until today hu hu hu

Me and Ju-Hui with Shin Saimdang statue and 50,000 Won bill

With my new friends from Thailand and Vietnam

On the night, I had the chance to go to the Hyoseok Cultural Festival. Walked through a wide buckwheat fields and experienced the lantern festival that I've been seeing in Korean historical drama all this while. The lanterns - wow - they were so mesmerizing when you see them with your own eyes.

I also went to Sinhungsa Temple in Seoraksan and it was my first time visiting a temple. It is quite interesting to learn about other religions; to see what they believe in and what makes they believe so. Had a walk around the temple and watched how the monks do their ritual prayers and stuff. (Jangan risau cuz I just watched them saya tak ikut buat sama)

An ahjumma explaining about finding calmness

This is where Buddhists do the stacking stones


Tried out tea in the temple; something like the zen tea 

So that's Gangwon-do. Now, let's go back to Seoul because yeah what is Korea without Seoul? One of my favorites is KBS Hall. Yup yup I went to KBS and I freaking saw the Music Bank but none of my favorite groups were performing on that day (so a lil bit sad) but whatever. Oh and taking pictures or videos are not allowed during Music Bank so yeahh....

In the heart of Seoul

Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin in Gwanghwamun

Another place I went to was Gwanghwamun. It was a really hot day, though, but I had to walk around the Gwanghwamun area in traditional clothes since we're playing a game (which I don't really care about lol) Ah, let me remind you that I wasn't actually "traveling" Korea. I was a participant in a Korean Cultural Program so I had to stick to the schedule and activities prepared. Oh ya, I also learn few basic things about Taekwondo during the program and I'd be more than happy if I had the chance to continue learning taekwondo when I'm back in Malaysia.

And and and I went to SMTown building haha but to be honest, I'm not actually a fan of SM artists but yeah why would I refuse to go when I had the chance to.

Find your bias. (Mine is not on the wall but in the heart *pft*)

SM artists' makeup room 

Yup, they sure do!

Ah this one is KNK, they were not in Music Bank but they came to our program's closing ceremony

Uhmm nope. Not a fan of DOTS. 

Andd.... another best part of visiting Korea is of-freaking-course *drums roll* Korean Foooood! Posted a picture of one big pot of Tteokbokki in the last post but here are some other foods that I like. Hu hu can only eat eggs and seafood but it's okay la 네 마음에 들어. 

A 10-days trip to Korea is definitely not enough to explore the whole places you've always wanted to explore when you're tight in the schedule. So today, I made a promise to myself that I will go back to Korea soon. 

And last but not least.....

I Seoul U, too.

- Syazana

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  1. Ah-maaaa-ziinngggggg!!! Omo omo! Me is soooooo jellyyy... Lucky you my dear! 😘

  2. Seoraksan look so nice! I missed korean food and the people there. Awww i wish i could visit there again

    XX Atheera | XX

  3. korean food is so delicious! I go there not for hot oppa but for their food lol

  4. wahhhh the views in gangwon do is sooooo nice. seriously.
    drooling while looking at those food pictures T^T

  5. Hi!! :) Found your blog by chance and also watched your Korean speech video on YouTube. Your Korean is soooo good I'm jealous!! The photos in Korea look lovely too! Ahhhhh wanna go to SouKor too!!

    1. Hihi thank you for reading! Nah, my Korean still needs tons of improvement ;)


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