Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Birthday!

Who does not love birthdays? Ah, the cakes, food, birthday decorations, and the most important is, of course, the person whose birthday is celebrated! So I was browsing around the internet and I saw that Lazada is having their 5th birthday at the end of this March and what made me interested is the fact that they are giving presents to bloggers for their birthday, and I guess I could try for a luck! Oh, in case you don't know what Lazada is (which I doubt), it is a "secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from fashion, consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment" (Lazada , 2017).
What do you love about Lazada Malaysia? 
Online shopping! Well, to be honest, I haven't had the chance to shop with Lazada since I live in the US for almost 4 years for studies. I online shop most of the time in the US since it is more convenient and easy for a busy student like me. I will return back home for good in about two months and I am so glad that we have Lazada in Malaysia so I can continue to online shopping without any worry. I went to Lazada website and I could not be more than happy to see that Lazada offers various product from all over the world with relatively reasonable prices and a lot of discounts! Oh, I also have a few friends who use Lazada and their feedbacks are mostly positive so I would say I can trust Lazada as a reliable online shopping platform!

Top three Product picks from Lazada Malaysia (your three favorite products)

I am addicted to K-Beauty skincare routine so this soothing gel would be a good catch! Can you believe it? It is only RM13.77!

I love coffee so very much I even dream of being a barista! I always brew my own coffee every morning and I am glad that Lazada has Mr. Coffee since they are one of the best coffee brewers out there. Can't wait to buy one when I return!

Perfect! I need to re-decorate my room when I return and I thought this simple, sleek, and cute desk would be a good investment!

How do you think Lazada Malaysia can improve?
Since I don't have any experiences shopping with Lazada, I am in a little place to point out on what to improve, what's good or not. So I played around Lazada website, looking for what could be improved but it's hard to find one since all things that I wish Lazada had, Lazada already has it! Be it free shipping, discounts, fast payment methods, delivery options, buyer protection..... and the list goes on. I am very sorry for not able to answer this question (too hard for me)

What is your birthday wish to Lazada Malaysia?
Hi, Lazada Malaysia! Happiest birthday to you! I wish you a long lasting life so that we Malaysians can enjoy the privilege of online shopping while feeling safe and sound from any fake sellers online. I also wish you will always be kind and generous so that we all benefit from the discounts you give. Here to your long life, cheers! *offer an imaginary drink*

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