Sunday, March 19, 2017

An Evening at Lake MacBride

As you may notice (or not), I've changed my blog template into a new one. Bought this new template from VefioThemes on Etsy yesterday and cleared up a few of my old immature posts from 2008 to 2010. I almost forgot that I used to blog so often back then until I looked back and realized that I wrote almost 200 posts in 2 years! and with this new template, I wish I will be more consistent in updating my blog and open up few things about my life *finger-crossed*. 

So, yesterday evening I went to Lake MacBride, Solon, with my Malaysians friends here in Iowa for a BBQ. We actually planned a one-day camping trip, but we were too late to reserved tents and stuff so we resorted to a quick BBQ picnic instead.

Also got some delicious laksa (kudos to Kak Shida)
Homemade salsa dip *super delicious*

Romano cheese bread

The boys setting up a charcoal grill


Nadhrah, me, Nadzreen and Moon

Alia, Maisarah, Kak Shida, aunty Khadijah and Moon


We had to leave earlier than we planned to since the weather got super chilly and windy so sudden. 

I'll just leave you with pictures above since a picture is worth a thousand words, so yeah. AND tomorrow is the last day for spring break (oh God how time flies) and I haven't started on any of my homework just yet. Gonna watch a few Korean dramas and an episode of Sherlock Holmes on Netflix and procrastinate still. So, homework, see you guys tomorrow!

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