Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So last Saturday I went to an orchard (Wilson's Orchard) in Iowa City and it was my first orchard in the States. It's not that far from where I stay, it took like 20 mins drive from home. The orchard was soooooo big and the apples, they were sweet and tasty. Sangat rangup dan enak dimakan begitu sahaja! And the view was pretty as well :) Oh and fyi I didn't just go by myself, it was actually an event held by our Malaysian Society at Iowa City, so there were like 30+ Malaysians there on that day. What we did were basically wandering around the orchard, tasting good looking apples, taking pictures, chatting around, and we also visited an apple store! The store was really cute, it's so 'orchardish' I guess?  I don't know if the word exists or nah. 

This is actually one section inside the store that I really like! Why? Well, we get to eat FREE apples and they were super tasty! Look at the names, they look (and sound) delicious right?

and this is the view from the outside of the store. If you are wondering what is that green truck is doing right there, it's actually a free ride that visitors can take if they do not want to walk into the orchard. I did walk, and I did ride the truck as well. Heheh. :)

A closer view of the truck. Oh and its name is 'Bessie'. 

Wegurlzzz - from left : Ain, Elena, Nadhrah, Aliah, Moon, me, and Mira.

Our attempt to 'make' a star, and this reminded me of highschool hahah

Look at the bright and shiny pumpkin! Sangat subur!

This was my brunch - apple cider, apple turnover, and apple donuts. They're all apples!!! Honestly, I am not really an apple lover but they were super toothsome! No lies!

I will definitely come to this orchard again before I return home in Malaysia and I will eat them apples to my heart content!

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  1. nyummy je nampak apple kat situ ;)
    hey, i love u template. putih bersih je. pakai apa erk syazana? ;)
    PG done follow kamu.

    1. thank you :) saya guna default blogger template sahaja, tapi ada edit2 sedikit :)

  2. Gosh! all those red apples! hahahahha

    1. hahaha i expected them to be redder tho XD


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