Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Video

So the new fall semester has started last week. And so far so good but wait until tons of homework, papers, quizzes, and exams come then it'll be like being hit by a gigantic gas truck and then the truck got burnt and exploded and everyone has a very tiny little chance of surviving the explosion ok mengarut sorry. Let's not have any negative thoughts ye kawan kawan. 

Well, I don't want to write much in this post, I just want to share a video that I have made. It's a seven-minute video of my summer trip to New York last August. If you have watched it, yay, high five!!!! Yeah I know, the video is lacking in so many ways but who cares? I'm not a video editor pun. I actually uploaded the same video with different audio earlier but I had to delete it as there was a copyright infringement (I used the original songs from Taylor Swift). Then, I took it down from Youtube and uploaded a new one with two covers; 'Welcome to New York by Jackson Harris' & Wonderland by I-don't-know-who, and ta-daaaaaaaaa....

I hope you enjoy the video and have a good day!!!

'Till next time,
6 comments on "A Video"
  1. I love this blog sebab minimal. Tapi tak ada chat box pulak. Meh la join blog award kita. mana tau awak boleh menang ;)

    1. haha i get the chatbox thing a lot.....maybe it's time to make one kot hehehe. InsyaAllah ada kelapangan saya join :)

  2. daebakkkkkk!First time here and i wanna ask u a question ......Syazana Khairol ni pelajar oberseaaaaa ke ?yeayyyyhhh..hahahhahaa......gila cantik Newyork , their beach , pemandgn waktu!tak berpluang lg kesana .........follow sini coz i see this blog awesome !


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