Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome to New York

'Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you', I've always wanted to sing this verse of Taylor Swift's song in New York and I made it! Hehehe! I WENT TO NEW YORK CITY. Okay I still can't get over it, yet. For me, travelling to New York city was reallllly fun! I didn't really have a high expectation on New York but I had so much fun! Tak tipu.

It was on August 11 when my friends and I departed from KLIA to New York. We stopped at German for two hours and after 8 hours of flight, we arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport. Right after we were done with customs, we went straight to our booked Airbnb's house. I've always liked Airbnb, the place was cleaned and well-maintained and it just felt like home. Our host were Xiaoyan (from China) and his boyfriend, Berat (from Turkey). We didn't communicate a lot (since they were working) but they were both friendly and easygoing.

The first place we went to was Central Park. It was really beautiful, and big! It was so big that we didn't get to tawaf every inches of Central Park's area.

My travel-mates, also my housemates. 

An awkward me :(

Views at Central Park

We didn't want to spend so much time at Central Park as our next destination was the biggest and finest art museums in the US! I swear it was the most artistic and the most amazing museum that I've been to, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was soooo big sampai melecet (melecek?) kakiku. For those who love arts, you should come here and you'll be super duper amazed that you will feel like screaming hahah okay over. There were a lot of sections in the museums: Byzantine, Asian, American, English, Persian, and many more, and you will need one whole day to explore this jaw-dropping museum. AND, the most interesting thing is you can pay as much as you want for the entrance fee, and I guarantee, no matter how much you pay, it'll be worth it!

The main entrance of the museum.

After few hours in the museum, we then decided to go to Times Square (well, it's a must go place rightttt) and before we went to Times Square we got to visit the best music school, The Juilliard School. I could feel the 'artsy' vibe tho I felt like everyone there was a musician hehehe.

This is the school's building :)

Above is the picture of Times Square. On our first day in NYC, we went there just to buy our one-day City Pass so that we could travel New York City on the next day with a lower budget :) I want to share more of our six-day New York City trip but let's wait until next post yer hehe.

'Till then,
Peace :)
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  1. bestnyer....menarik...
    LeYa dah follow blog ni

  2. new york was so cool. really hope i'll be there on day. btw please follow back my blog

    1. it was! insha-Allah, one fine day ;) & done following yours xo

  3. woaa. this is my first time here too ! done following you back ;) your blog is AWESOME ! :)

  4. Uwaaaa bestnya New York! Untung awak. In shaa Allah one day kita pulak ehehe.

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  6. Beautiful photos! That view from the Central Park though! <3


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