Monday, August 3, 2015

A Lion & His Teeth

When the lion bares his teeth, do not 
fancy that the lion shows you a smile. 
I have slain the man that sought my heart's blood many a time. 
Riding a noble mare whose back none else may climb, 
Whose hind and fore-legs seem in galloping as one  
Nor hand nor foot requireth she to urge her on. 
And O the days when I have swung my fine-edged glaive 
Amidst a sea of death where wave was dashed on wave!  
The desert knows me well, the night, the mounted men, 
The battle and the sword, the paper and the pen.


I found this poem while I was reading a blog of a very talented artist, Izziyana Suhaimi. She posted a video of Persian miniature painting with this admirable poem of al-Mutannabi. You can watch the video here

One of Izziyana's works in her 'Friends To Keep You Warm' collection.
She's an amazing artist, she makes me feel like learning hand embroidery!

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