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Winter Break 2014: Seattle, Washington

Salam and hi! As you may notice, I wrote three posts regarding my winter trip to California and I wish to publish all my winter trip journeys before I get back to America in two weeks time. So, this is it - the final episode (eceh) of my journey to the west of America. Tadaaaaa~~

If you have no idea on what I'm talking (or writing) about, feel free to read these previous posts:

I'd like to make it short and I don't want to write too much about LA (since I am going to focus on Seattle anyway), so let me skip the photo parts hehehe (tak larat nak upload sobs mianhaeyo).

We went to Griffith Observatory to see how Los Angeles looks like in night time right after we left Santa Monica. For the next day, we went to Universal Studio Hollywood and I swear it was super duper fun and crazy!

Jaaaaan-- belanja satu gambar USH.

Okay, let's start the Seattle part wohoooooo!

Ha! Seattle is a city in Washington (state) and Washington is located in the northwest of USA and to the south of Canada. As it is located at northwest, Seattle is colder (and rainier) than California, but it is waaaaaay warmer than Iowa! It was winter but it was only raining and according to my friends snow is very rare in Seattle (well I don’t see snow at all when I visited). However, that’s a good thing tho, Seattle’s weather was totally awesome and cozy to the max! 

From left: Dila, Leeqa, Alia, Ami, Jua, me and Ain 

We were in Seattle for 3 days and 2 nights and I was really grateful to have Qila and Fadila as our hosts there. Thank you thank you kamsahamnida. On our first day (in Seattle), Qila and Fadila brought us for a tour around their campus - Washington-Seattle Uni. Washington-Seattle University was probably the most beautiful uni I’ve ever visited! heehehe sangat cantik sangat sangat 

Me in front of their library..wait until you see the interior part!!! 

nah! Does it look familiar? Well it’s very ‘Harry Potter’ish 

The next morning, we went to Downtown Seattle and the first location was Pike Place Market. 

The very very first Starbucks store in the world. Yup starbucks was founded in Seattle :) 

gummy gummy wall uhmm it was…disgustingly…artistic.. 

We also got to visit the Space Needle!!! ..and got a super delicious Thai Fried Rice + Pad Thai for lunch! 

It was a short visit but I had so much fun and I really want to go to Washington again!! So that’s how our 2014 winter break ended…and it was already the 2nd week of 2015 when we got back to school a week after. So, nak gi mana pulak for the next winter break? Hehe

Till next time,
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  1. Harry Potter'ish indeed, nice review Syazana. All the best in your studies ^^

    Salam Syawal~ ;3

  2. library tu memang sangat cantik! sukanya tengok..

  3. Wah seronoknya....! Kalau kat mesia tak dpt rasa cuaca gitu... mmg bertuah la kalau dpt rasa kat negara org... library tu mmg ohsem!!!!

  4. dewan tu harry potter sangat.. woahh

  5. beautiful lah semuanya.....wanna go there ! gegege, tah bilaaa..adehh =.="


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