Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Winter Break 2014: San Francisco

Last winter break I went to California.. Heheh, it took me some times to write about it as there were a lot of things came up in the last few months. The real reason for this California trip was to attend an event held by MISG (Malaysian Islamic Study Group) in Oakland, San Francisco. Tapi, dah alang-alang menyeluk pekasam biarlah sampai ke pangkal lengan, ye dok?

So, I took a flight from Chicago along with Ain, my housemate. We had to walk in such a cold weather (it was winter) from Greyhound bus station to Union Station so that we could buy a ticket to Chicago O’hare Airport. It was so cold I swear.

After a few hours of flight, we finally arrived in San Francisco International Airport. Phew! The weather there was so warm and cozy – not too hot neither too cold – JUST FINE! We arrived waaaaay early in the morning (I think it was past midninght), so we had to wait until like 7.30 am to take Bart train line (lebih kurang macam LRT) to Oakland.

So, the next morning—
Since the event started in the evening, we went for a ‘walk’ around San Fran. We went to Civic Center, 16th St. Mission, and Powell St. Too bad I didn’t took so many pictures as I DIDN’T BRING ANY CAMERA! We just used iPhone camera and I was so unsatisfied I will never travel without camera ANYMORE.

And below is the view of Oakland City from our hotel’s window.

The event was very educating and informative tetapi we skipped a day as we went touring around San Fran hehehehe. 

We also went to Golden Gate Bridge, Uni of California Berkeley, Fisherman Wharf, and Downtown San Fran.

Uni. of California, Berkeley

Golden Gate Bridge

Somewhere in the middle of Downtown San Francisco

Well... I'm not really a fan but yeah....

Fisherman's Wharf

Aquarium of The Bay (tapi tak masuk pun sobsobs)

Fisherman's Wharf Clock Tower

Me and Jua

After 4 days touring around San Fran, we went to the city of dreams : Los Angeles!

I’ll talk about it in the next post.

13 comments on "Winter Break 2014: San Francisco"
  1. wah cantik tempat2 dia... seronoknya klu berpeluang ksne jgk!

    1. hihi sgt cantik :) insyaAllah sekiranya diberi kesempatan :)

  2. bestnye dapat melawat negara orang.
    ade duk lam malaysia je lagi ni.
    x cukup lg duit nak jenjalan..huhu

    1. Alhamdulillah :) kat Malaysia pun banyak tempat2 menarik!!

  3. wah! seronoknya!
    cantik plak tu gambar yang diambil =)

    anyway, akak datang membalas kunjungan
    Diari Seorang Mama

  4. Seronoknya dapat jalan² di San Fransisco..tempat yang cantik :)

  5. byk2 mercu tanda yg plg pemes jambatan tu la kan? cafe SF ada pergi x? ;-)

  6. Subhanallah...suka sgt tengok..cantiknya view jambatan tu..:)

  7. Subhanallah... cantik2 gambar disnap... teruja dok tgk smpi abis!!


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