Thursday, July 9, 2015

Winter Break 2014: Los Angeles 2

Good eveningggg everybadayhhh huhuhu mari sambung the previous episode of LA. So, the next thing we did was basically touring around LA for the whole day. We went to the Hollywood Sign! It was really an unforgettable moment, at least, for me. 

Have you ever heard of Uber? It’s like a private taxi or car and it’s way cheaper than a normal taxi would cost. So we called for an uber car and we confirmed our location, which is the Hollywood sign. The driver just smiled and welcomed us to his car. I don’t really remember how long the drive took, BUT the driver wasn’t very sure on how to get to the Hollywood sign observatory place and he didn’t tell us (but ha! we knew it at the end)! so he drove us to, like, literally (i mean very close to), the Hollywood sign itself! Gila kau that’s a private area kot and then he left us at i-don’t-know-where-that-place-was, and we were at lost for at least 1 hour kot. We had to walk down that freaking hill by ourselves, without knowing where the freaking exit was atau kaki bukit ke apa. But, it’s okay, thanks to our hidden survival instinct we managed to find a way out while enjoying the scenery. 

This picture was taken while we were terpinga-pinga looking for someone we could ask for help (there was nobody there! Only cars and houses with cctvs and ‘No camera’ signs here and there, nak ketuk pintu bagi salam pun weolls takut) Ha kan tudung dah tersenget-benget tu hamek kau. 

As we walked down the hill there were few other tourists wandered around (idk if they were also sesat) and after a few moments a security car came out of nowhere, approaching the other tourist group and told them that we (tourists) shouldn’t be here and only residents are allowed to be in that private area, ha senak kau jah apa lagi we walked out of that ‘residential’ area (sape tah tinggal kat situ, sgt pedalaman) and just keep walking & keep following our instinct until we managed to get to the REAL observatory place (I assumed)

The assumed-as-sesat people at the back. 

The (assumed as) safe area.

Three happy young ladies sebab dah jumpa kawasan selamat. 

BUT! Our sesat journey did not end there! We had to walk few more miles downhill because we couldn’t make any call for an Uber in that (considered as) safe area (sebab atas bukit sangat). Memang memenatkan. As we reached a little bit downhill, we got to call an uber and all that we could do was wait. Nak dijadikan cerita, as we were waiting, there was an old couple offered us for a ride, they were so nice but too bad we already called and paid for the uber so nak taknak we had to wait and said no to their kind thoughts. #iHaveFaithInHumanity (gitu). 

Not long after that, our wait came to an end, and our next destination was Beverly Hills! 

Beverly Hills was reallly nice, dulu kecik-kecik tengok dalam Totally Spies ajer but alhamdulillah dapat kesempatan lihat dengan mata sendiri. We didn’t spend so much time there as time wasn’t really permitting (ni semua gara-gara sesat kat hutan hollywood tuh, but it’s okay, experience kan?) 


Our next location was Santa Monica Beach! (My very first US beach bahahah) 

I didn’t get to take much pictures as my phone was out of battery and we had to leave real quick (which I regret it but hey it’s not the end of the world right?) 

Huh! Got more stories to write but let’s keep it until the next post yer hehehe
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  1. Salam... Singgah blogwalking... Selamat berpuasa..

  2. hii , jalan2 follow sini . Salam Ramadhan

  3. bw here! jangan lupa ke blogku,

  4. Wahh...LA tu....kalau IQ dah nangis kalaau sesat kat negara org...huhu

    1. huhu memang dah terasa nak nangis nasib baik ada kengkawan

  5. best jer...nak g gak....better start saving! :)

  6. Wah LA... Hollywood.... bestnya... kalau sesat kat negara org tu normal kot.... hahaha kami pi jepun pun sesat barat... tp org jepun baik... nampak kita terkulat2 ja depa mai tanya... hahahhaha

    1. hehhee yup pengalaman sesat tu la yang paling best tu


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