Friday, July 3, 2015

Winter Break 2014: Los Angeles 1

The city of dreams, the city of angels, the city of opportunities – That is Los Angeles! Since we visited San Francisco, a trip to California wouldn’t be perfect without L.A. 

We (Jua, Ain, and I) departed from San Francisco around an hour (or so) past midnight and we arrived at L.A Union Station slightly before 7.30 am. I took the picture above during our way for a breakfast. During our stay (4 days & 3 nights) in L.A, we decided to rent a house from AirBNB and shared it with our friends (Dila, Ami, Leeqa, and Alia) who arrived a day later after us. The house was like super duper nice and comfortable and it’s not even pricey! It’s also very closed to Hollywood Walk of Fame in the bargain! So a day before they came, we rent a cute motel near by the Sunset Boulevard. In between morning and check-in time, which is 2 pm), we went around downtown L.A to see L.A’s city life. It was fun touring around the city as it reminded me of Kuala Lumpur for a moment (tetiba rindu Malaysia pulak time tu). 

After hopping on and off few buses, we checked into our (well, rented) motel and took a short nap (penat tau tak) and on the evening (around 4 pm) we went out to Hollywood Walk of Fame!!

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles 

Hollywood Walk of Fame during the day

Hollywood Walk of Fame during the night 

So we went to Hollywood Madame Tussauds and ‘met’ a few celebrities hehehe

The over-excited me huhuhuhu 

I told ya the picture quality is bad, we didn’t bring any cameras with us, thankfully iphone did work even though the quality is hmmmm ok I don’t want to keep whining over it) 

We went to Koreatown for dinner but too bad we didn’t stop by any Korean restaurant as we were in our need of Halal beef, so we went to kedai arab instead huhuhuhu

 This was the motel we stayed for one night, Value Inn, totally valuable (tetiba) 

Hollywood underground rail station (Metro)— it’s really cool tho! Ah, one big mistake that we did was to buy a one-day Metro card (it’s like our TouchNGo card, but it only works in L.A) at 10 pm for like $7.00 (equiv. to MYR22+/-) and it’s only valid until midnight!! Ughhh, so if you guys are travelling to L.A, make sure to buy the one-day Metro card like very very early in the morning so that you will benefit A LOT. 

I have a lot more to write about this fun and memorable L.A trip, so until next time.. Byebye 
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  1. tgh jn2 kt LA tu ada terserampak x dgn celebrity? ;-)

  2. excited betul tgk gambar2 awak..hehe hopefully nanti sy pun dpt jugak ke sana! :D

    1. InsyaAllah sekiranya ada kesempatan :)

  3. Seronoknya dapat snap photo dengan patung lilin tu..nampak real kan..

  4. Ceh tertipu dengan patung lili tu.. ingat real... hahhaha


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