Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Syawal 1436H

Salam and good afternoon! Last Friday (July 17) was the first day of Syawal, which means the day for Muslims to celebrate eid. So, selamat hari raya everyone! and I want to take this opportunity to ask you you you and you for forgiveness for my wrongdoings and if I ever offended you in any ways. I am sorry.

So, how was my raya? Well, I don't have anything much to say. It was warm and fun to be home and to be with my family, but I find that raya has became less thrilling (hehe) than before. Now, I had to do the dishes and stuff, and it was so tiring but it's okay I managed to do it (flip hair).

The picture above is my big family on the second day of Syawal. We didn't have any decent pictures together on the first Syawal as there were lots (as in incredibly lots) of guests since right after the solat raya until midnight!!! 

See, my abah wasn't even in his baju melayu huhuhuhu

With my 18 y/o cousin, Ain.

From left: Umi, Ayah, me, Mek, and Ciksu.

Till next time,
2 comments on "Syawal 1436H"
  1. happy eid ! cute ur cousin ! ur baju kurung also cantik design tuuu~ geometric?
    and why ur father did not wearing baju melayuu? doesn't have or.......malas? or x sempat??? hahhaa

    1. It was the 2nd day of syawal, we were on our way to return home (we celebrated hari raya at my mother's hometown) & my dad just decided to not wearing baju melayu hahah idk


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