Sunday, July 12, 2015

One Eyed Fish’s Love

Illustration by Hikari Shimoda

I want to live like a one-eyed fish. 
I want to love like a one-eyed fish.
A one-eyed fish, Bi-Mok, 
that had been attached to each other for its whole life 
to live like a two-eyed fish. 

I want to love like them. 
We had sufficient time. But, 
We just didn’t love each other enough for the time. 
I want to live the way a one-eyed fish lives. 
When it’s alone, 
the aloneness becomes noticeable. 
The one-eyed fish, Bi-Mok. 
I want to love like them for the sake of my life.

 — Ryu Shiva, 1996
from The Art of Emptiness
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