Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Those Masks

Illustration by Moonassi

Hi everyone. It has been a while since I posted my last entry on this blog. I also made my blog private for a very very very long time for some reasons and here I am, writing again! Yeay!

So, what’s with the title? What do I mean with ‘mask’. Hm I am currently watching a Korean drama series, ‘가면’, (read: Ga-myeon) or can be translated as ‘Mask’. In a random thought, I remember the main character said that ‘Everyone in this world are wearing mask, except for children’. This quote makes me questioning whether his statement is valid or nah. In some cases, I agree that we sometimes need to be a little, not too much, hypocrite.

Hypocrite, yeah maybe it sounds hideous and ugly as how it is, but I think everyone has been hypocrite at least once in their lifetime. Think about it. Have you ever hid your weakness so that you would look good in everyone’s eyes? Have you ever kept your thought silence while agreeing to something you’re opposing to? Have you ever pretended to like someone while in reality you don’t? Well, if you did one of those examples (and there are much more hypocrisy acts), MAYBE, you are a hypocrite person, and being a hypocrite is like wearing a mask – You hide your true self behind the mask you wear.

One thing that I’d like to share from the drama is:

Those who wear the mask will never be happy.

Then, I’ll leave you with a question :
Do you agree with the above statement?


(p/s: Enlighten me if I am wrong about this hypocrisy thing. This is just my seposen thought)

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