Monday, April 9, 2012

Takde Idea Wehh!

Nahh, tengok title pun dah tau kan? Blank blank blank wehh! 'Poyoss ah budak ni, takde idea gedik buat entri apesal?' , aku tau itulah katakata hati sesiapa yang ter-terjah entri ni (kalau ade yang terjah la kan) Emm, since aku takde sebarang idea yang dicetuskan oleh nerve nerve kepala otak ni, jom lah aku nak share salah satu OST Dream High 2 , tapi yang ni pun aku copy paste dari sini , so ape celop kan kopi teh je .. eh, copy paste je. Hah, layaan jela ..

Jung Jin Woon, Kim Ji Soo, Jr, Kang Sora - B Life Lyrics | Dream High 2 OST
I am a boy just a boy
Just a boy out of many boys
I'm not anything special, I don't have much to show off
I'm that kind of person 
I am a girl just a girl
Even if you see me passing by, I'm a girl you don't know
I'm not pretty at all and my eyes and nose are average
I'm that kind of person 
We are B B B-level, wanting to be A-level
We are ab-ab-abnormal, wanting to stand on the peak
We are B B B-level, wanting to be A-level
We are ab-ab-abnormal, wanting to stand on the peak 
Our errands aren't really important
We only have pointless places to spend
We are only shedding useless sweat beads
More than my frustrated heart is the frustrated people around me
And seeing their faces makes even me tired 
Will the day come when I find that
Something special in me and show it off?
Before I lose what little dreams I have left in me,
Will the light shine on me too?
We are a B 
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Haa best kan? kan kan kan? Eh, camne tau best ke tak? Muzik pun takde dengar. So, meh terjah sesama! Search la kat youtube : B Dream High 2 . I just like the lyric because it's kindly motivates me  :)

p/s: mind my good-for-nothing entry . sorry. I just too too too boring -,-

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