Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Singing My Blues.

okay. first of all , this is an entry which is written in English. That's not showing that I hate to use Bahasa Melayu but sometimes we have to practice . Practice make perfect :) and, precaution : this entry maybe contains a lot of grammar mistakes since I'm newbie so mind to correct my mistake(s) by posting some comment(s).

okay, let's me share a quote I found yesterday *while watching Dream High 2* .
Don't ever give up on your dream because dreams not only belong to the talented people, but to the people who dream.
:: dream is the key ::

what is I want to tell you guy(s) is we are allowed to dream . Yes, everybody have their right to dream. Any dream. BUT, not just dreaming and dreaming and dreaming without doing nothing. If you just sit by the windows , counting the stars, wishing, and dreaming everyday , it won't count on your success. That's why the words such as 'hardwork', 'try', 'do' exist. We must make sure the dream is followed by our efforts and of course as a Muslim - doa is the most important. Then, those will bring us success. BUT *another but*, if you still didn't reach your dream even you have put a lot of effort , stay calm, be patient because there will be something better waits you in the future. Just set in your mind, what you give you'll get back .

End of today 'motivation' *hahah*. Thanks.
With love,
Syazana :)
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