Friday, June 3, 2011

I Dream High.

HAHA. Dah abes tengok citer Dream High. So, as a review - NOT BAD. Citer ni sedikit sebanyak bagi aku inspirasi dalam mengejar cita-cita . Sebenarnya tiada yang mustahil untuk capai cita-cita kalau kita berusaha bersungguh-sungguh. Tapi, citer ni adalah mengenai impian yang related to music. 
Kesimpulannya, citer ni ade la jugak bagi aku semangat beserta quotes yang best. :D misalnya :

“They say that there are two types of happiness. One is a happiness that you realize after the fact and the other is a happiness you feel in the moment. That happiness you feel in the moment is so precious that they say that the memories of this kind of happiness can stay with you and enlighten your life. Maybe we’ll go on remembering this moment today, like that kind of happiness… that we can remember for the rest of our lives, the moment when we shined.”


Once I had a dream of my own, I realized… that there are no dreams that should be laughed at in this world.

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