Thursday, January 5, 2017

Korea, What?

Howdy, y'all! Happy new year and may 2017 will be filled with blessings and loves. Yup, a year just passed by and a LOT of things happened in the 22nd year of my life, be it good things or bad things. One of the best things was an unexpected trip to Korea!!! I swear y'all, I've always wanted to go Korea all my life and I DID GO TO SOUTH KOREA LAST SUMMER!!! Okay, let's calm down and let me tell you how it all started. 

Ok to begin with, I actually took Korean language class in my university and it's been almost 3 years now since my first Korean class. So last year (I think it was in April) I participated in Korean speech contest held by IC King Sejong Institute in collaboration with our uni's Korean Language & Literature Department and guess what? I won the first place. Who would've thought that I could be so fluent in Korean, right? Hahaha, nah just kidding. Ok, so that's that and I continued living a normal boring life as a student and then summer break started. So during the break, my Korean teacher emailed me that King Sejong Institute (KSI) in Seoul wanted my Korean competition speech video but we didn't record it during the competition event, so I had to record it on my own and send it back to them. Well, I just did what they told (cuz, why not?) and also uploaded my video to youtube. Few weeks after, the night that I supposed to catch a flight back home in Malaysia, my Korean teacher texted me "Syazana, can you fill a form for me and choose what you like among kpop, taekwondo, Korean traditional dance, and korean calligraphy" & I thought did I just win something or what but meh it couldn't be the case and then my Korean teacher told me that I could go to Korea in September if my video that I sent selected by Seoul KSI. Walaweh, are you just kidding me ssaem(teacher)? I screamed my heart out and got my hope as high as Everest mountain (even higher than that actually) and prayed that it would be true. Not long after that, my teacher contacted me saying that I REALLY got selected as a participant in '2016 King Sejong Institute Model Learners Workshop' which means I got to go to Korea with a free return ticket and free accommodation! I would be crazy if I refuse to participate, yall! So what I did during summer break was counting days to go to Korea hahhaha (what a fool girl) 

..and September 31st, 2016 was the first time I breathed S.Korea's air (haha over kau) and you have no idea on how happy I was just to be in  Incheon Airport!!! I was so amazed to the fact that I finally in Korea (my heart sang happy songs and my head could not think of anything but happiness) 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Silent Post: Arizona, USA

Good morning! (or good night, depends on your time zone) It's been a while since my last post ain't it? Okay, not really. Hu hu hu so today I want to finish off my winter break series since it's fall here and new winter season is coming after fall pretty soon so yeah. Before I start, I hope you already read the title of this post (I'm pretty sure you already did, didn't ya?) so in this post I will just put some pictures from Arizona with almost no text since I am now back to college life hence I don't have much time to write te-hee.

First, let me list out my previous post links regarding my 2016 winter break:

So after leaving Nevada we went straight to Arizona. It was night when we arrived at Arizona and the place was so creepy it was like so silent and looked so empty. What even worse is our hotel seemed empty as well, no one was in the hotel's lobby and we just picked up or keys that the hotel left in a mailbox outside the lobby. Never mind that, the next morning the place was back to life and it was like a total twist from the night before. 

The first place we went to was Horseshoe Bend. We were supposed to catch the sunrise there but too bad we were too late..... huhu

Horseshoe Bend

Saturday, August 20, 2016

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

One of the views at Death Valley National Park, January 2016

Hello there! It's 3:42 in the morning and I can't sleep. I just arrived at Iowa City around this time yesterday and I slept for the whole day and now I have no idea on what to do so I guess I should write something. Let's continue with my last winter break journey cuz it didn't just end at Yosemite.

So, leaving California we went straight to Nevada. We were so lucky to have this aunt from Malaysia, Aunty JV who was kind enough to let us stay in her place for few days! She was so kind to let us sleep in her daughter's room and provide us food during our stay. Yeah speaking of her, she gained some attention from Malaysians a few weeks ago when she was out on TV programmes such as Rumpun Melayu Global (TV1) and Nona (TV3). She was also invited by radio stations to do some interview. You can check her facebook page, Joyah Vegas, to know more about her.

Let's get back to the trip now. So the first place we went to in Nevada was Hoover Dam, the largest dam in Nevada that supply water to the whole state and most importantly to Las Vegas. Yup the dam was so so so so big oh I forgot to mention that this dam was actually featured in the Transformers movie (but I don't know which scene it was since I don't watch Transformers hu hu hu)